Philip Laureston Houses

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Catalogues and price lists are the lifeblood of collectors as they allow them to find out what was made, and hopefully when.


It has proven particularly difficult to find any such material for Philip Laureston. On this and the next couple of pages are all I have found to date.


Below is a copy of a catalogue which I believe dates from January 1988 as it has the code 01/88 printed in small type on the base on the last page.


It is an A3 sheet with the outer pages shown at the top and the inner pages shown below.


If you look closely at the inner pages you will see that the Tudor type houses are duplicated, some with black roofs, and some with red roofs.


This is also reflected in the Price List (dated January 1992) which shows different product codes for these two types.


I have only very rarely seen the red roof models and only a couple of mine are red.


I have also found a picture on the web of the front page (maybe the only page) of an  Italian Catalogue.