Philip Laureston Houses

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For no rational reason that I can explain, I have a liking for these simple flat back plaster houses.

Maybe its their naive charm, their simplistic construction or just the fact they are usually inexpensive. Whatever it is, I like them and have been collecting them for some while now.

The first few I found were at a car boot sale a few years ago and I made the big mistake of looking at the back. There, etched in the plaster, was a number. That meant there were more like them and so I was hooked - I had to collect them all.

In the beginning they were relatively easy to find, but I soon had all the common ones and it became much more difficult to find new ones.

The big problem was that I did not know how many there were. Had all the numbers been used, what did the different numbers mean, how could I find out. The answers to those questions were harder to find than I expected.

So dear reader, if you are still with me, I will use this web site to tell you what I have found out so far, and to encourage you to tell me what may be missing and what I have got wrong.

Hopefully the links above are self explanatory, so please enjoy yourself and have a look around.