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There are several different number ranges, which I presume have evolved over time. Some numbers have an alphabetic prefix and some do not.


There are 3 main ranges and some odd balls. The 700 series is basically generic cottages and pubs. The 800 series are generally larger and more elaborate buildings and the 900 series are mostly models of specific buildings.


I do have some of what I suspect are the very earliest houses e.g.704  with just a 4 on the back. I presume this was the original numbering system that changed when the range expanded.


Although one of the Catalogues refers to the Stone House range, the Timber Frame range and the Thatched Houses range, for clarity I have organised the details of each model by reference to it’s number as stamped on the back.


The 700 series starts at 701 and the highest number in my collection is currently 781. These seem to be all generic models, although some may be based on real buildings.


The 800 series starts at 851 and the highest model in my collection is  880. These seem to be models of actual buildings, but I have no idea of why these particular buildings were chosen.



The 900 series starts in my collection at 902 although I have seen a 901 on eBay and the highest number I have is 958.


Finally there are the oddballs. Some seem to be early versions of the 700 series and some do not have any number so do not know where they fit.


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